Our volunteers are vital for success

Make a difference in the lives of homeless pets

Volunteer KK with Gunther adopted September 2021

Your Donation Can Save A Life

Volunteers play an essential role at HSNB, and we appreciate everything they do for us!

Our volunteers help hundreds of animals each year through dog walking, cat care, foster care, promoting adoptable pets online and at events and more. Volunteers help out anywhere from 1-2 days per week to 2-3 hours per month. Some volunteerism is at the shelter and other opportunities are remote. All volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of our animals.

Want to help by interacting with our animals?

We are always looking for help in the following areas:

Dog Walkers & Socializers:

Please click HERE for dog walking information and the directions to apply.

Volunteer Drew with Redford adopted January 2023

Foster Caregivers:

This is a perfect opportunity for volunteers that may not have the ability to adopt an animal on a permanent basis. It’s also a great way to ensure a pet is a match for your family. The pets are forever grateful for a little time away from the shelter to decompress and be spoiled with extra love and attention. We dare you to not fall in love!

Positive Dog Trainers:

We seek volunteer dog trainers that utilize positive reinforcement as their sole method of training to help prepare our dogs for a life beyond the shelter.

NEW: Enrichment Program Specialists:

Help us provide the healthiest experience possible for the animals at our shelter. We use the six types of enrichment activities: social, sensory, cognitive, feeding, physical, and toys, to improve the overall wellness of the pets in our care.


We need help transporting our animals to vet appointments, grooming appointments, training sessions, and/or to partner rescues.

Cat Team Assistants:

Currently we are not accepting new cat volunteers. We may once again accept applications in November or December. Please check back here for more information over the next few months.

Want to help with Community Outreach?

We are also looking for help in these areas:


Help us get the word out and educate the community by joining us at local community events and adoption fairs. Be the face of HSNB and help us enlist others to do the same!

Facilities & grounds maintenance helpers:

Want to dig in and help clean and beautify our facility and grounds? Are you a contractor looking to do good in your spare time? We welcome your skills and support.


Do you have experience with fundraising and grant proposals? Do you have a knack for identifying generous benefactors looking to make a contribution? We need you! As a private 501c3, we rely almost solely on the generous donations from philanthropists and corporate donors in our community. Join us in making a difference in the life of every animal that comes through our gates.

Want to volunteer remotely?

We have a variety of ways to help from the comfort of your home. If you have any of the following skills, we welcome your help:

  • Marketing
  • Writing and communications
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Graphic Design, Graphic Art
  • Video creation and editing
Volunteer Brittany & Marlo adopted April 2021


All volunteers must sign a waiver of liability, code of conduct, and complete the appropriate training.

Minors between 16-18 years of age are invited to volunteer but must have a signed waiver by a parent or guardian before starting the volunteer program. We especially welcome youth volunteers to bring a fresh perspective to our team focused on our social media channels, video, and fundraising.