Foster & change the life of an animal

Open your heart and home to a pet in need

Volunteer & Foster Parent Chialing

If you love animals but aren’t able to adopt, opening your home and becoming a foster parent is an invaluable way to make a difference in the life of an animal.

What is a Foster Parent?

A foster parent provides temporary, in-home care for friendly kittens, puppies, dogs, cats until they are ready to be adopted. In addition to affection, the foster parent provides basic care for the animals such as food, water, and shelter. When fostering a dog, the pet foster parent may teach him basic house manners.

Why are Foster homes needed?

We can only rescue as many animals as we have available kennel space and staff to care for them.

Foster parents maximize the number of animals rescued as well as help care for animals who may not do well in a shelter:

    • Infant kittens who need round-the-clock feeding and care
    • Puppies and kittens – young animals with under-developed immune systems
    • Animals recovering from illness or surgery who need peace and quiet
    • Mommas and their babies
    • Emergency medical fosters – in situations where animals may need short or long-term care.
    • Dogs who’ve developed stress-related behaviors and depression and need a break from the kennel environment

    How long is a foster period?

    Fostering can vary from emergency overnight placement to a few days to several months depending on the needs of the animal and available space at the shelter.


    How do I find the right animal to foster?

    Because each animal’s personality is different, we match them to the best possible foster home to suit the animal and the family. So if a foster family has young children, then only animals that do well with young children are placed there. The main requirements of people who want to foster is that they be willing to provide a loving, safe environment.

    I already own a pet. Can I still foster?

    Yes, but before you bring a foster animal home, consult with your veterinarian to make sure your own pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

    Can I adopt the animal I foster?

    Of course! Foster parents who wish to adopt the animal they foster go through the same process as adoption applicants, but usually have first priority to adopt.

    What does it cost to foster an animal?

    HSNB is able to provide most food and supplies for your foster animal. HSNB also covers medical expenses of the animal that do not stem from gross negligence. All medical treatments and providers must be approved in advance by the shelter.