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Give an animal in need a second chance by sponsoring critical veterinarian care needed to save the pet’s life.

Neo Adopted Mar 2021

Your Donation Can Save A Life

It is an unfortunate reality, but many of the animals that come to the HSNB have been neglected, mistreated, abused, or did not receive the medical or compassionate care needed to live healthy, happy lives. And, sadly, some come to us with life-threatening illnesses and diseases.

No matter the circumstance, an animal with a manageable or curable condition, deserves a second chance.

Your support of the Second Chance Fund helps us with the most heart-breaking situations – animals with very treatable but very costly medical issues.

By financing all, or a portion, of life-saving treatment, you allow an animal to receive the veterinary care needed to make the animal healthy, whole, and ready for adoption into a forever home.

Additionally, we take in animals who have not been bathed or groomed in years. By funding a ‘spa day’ for an animal, you make it possible for the pet to, once again, run free and play and dramatically improve the chance of adoption.

To arrange to sponsor a pet, please call (707) 645-7905 and ask to speak to Kristin, our shelter manager or Laurel, our office manager.

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