Participatory Budget Vouchers



Thank you for your interest in low-cost veterinary services for your pet. The funding for spay/neuter and vaccinations services for the PB 7 cycle is almost depleted. While we reconcile outstanding and previously-scheduled appointments with any remaining funds, we are unable to accept new applications.

If you have already submitted an application but did not have an appointment paid for and/or scheduled, we will hold onto your application for when we receive the funds for the PB 8 cycle. We do not have a timeline for this yet. We will notify you when we are able to proceed.

We will continue to accept applications for vouchers for free microchips.

Thank you for your patience during this process.

Animals Matter Participatory Budget Project

The Humane Society of the North Bay (HSNB) will arrange low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination procedures and offer free onsite microchipping at HSNB. This will be done through the distribution of vouchers to Vallejo citizens and Vallejo feral cat rescue organizations.
HSNB will issue vouchers for low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination procedures with veterinary practices, in our geographical area.

Community Feral Cat Organizations will need to complete the required vouchers and submit online or print out and send to

Groups must be a registered 501©3 organization.
Vouchers are to be used for Vallejo feral colony cats only. Groups applying for vouchers must state that they will not use funds for cats outside the city or unincorporated Vallejo.

Individuals who want to fix feral cats in their Vallejo yard or neighborhood, please contact a local Feral Cat Organization for assistance with TNR of feral cats.

Community Cat Advocates; or Solano Feral Cat Group;

For Vallejo citizens, there is a flat fee of $45 per animal for either a spay/neuter procedure or for vaccinations, regardless of dog/cat, breed, size, sex. There is also a refundable deposit of $25 per voucher to hold your appointment. If your animal attends its scheduled appointment, the deposit will be returned.

For Vallejo feral cats:  Vouchers are applicable only for registered 501©3 Feral Cat Organizations and can only be used for Vallejo colony cats.

There is a flat fee of $20 per feral cat.  Feral cats also receive ear tip, rabies vaccine, and Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia (FVRCP) vaccination. Qualifying Feral cat organizations must set up their own spay/neuter appointments with their own veterinary practices.

Individuals, please contact a local Feral Cat Organization for assistance with TNR of feral cats.

Vouchers will be voided without reissue, and deposits will not be refunded to customers who violate the terms.


Microchip Voucher Application